Elemco has utilized standard off the shelf products in a way one might not expect

Our experience over the years working with many different industries, in addition to Elemco's personnel having various backgrounds, allows Elemco to utilize standard off the shelf products in a way one might not expect, to provide a solution that may not be readily realized without thinking outside of the box.

Elemco can be contracted to perform independent consultation services:


We can validate your installations and provide technical drawings to ensure quality repeatable processes.

Systems Evaluations

Elemco can work with your business to understand your processes and validate that your systems comply with your assertions.

Technical Upgrades

Elemco can be contracted to perform hardware and software upgrades to your current technology footprint. In addition, since Microsoft has annoucned that support for Windows XP (and Office 2003) will end on April 8, 2014 our customers have found a need to determine how to become compatible with 64bit systems and applications.

Project Management

In addition to providing services, Elemco can be contracted as the lead project manager to coordinate with the many resources needed during a large installation.

Supply Chain Systems Integration

Elemco has created custom modules handling specific nodes in the supply chain operation and have integrated them into Enterprise Software Solutions such as SAP.

General IT services

Elemco can help your organization’s need for 1st, 2nd or 3rd level helpdesk support and can develop any custom programming solutions including database, internet and tablet solutions.