Saas Enterprise Solution

Elemco’s Enterprise Shop Floor application (ESF) is written on a technology model known as Software as a Service (SaaS), which is targeted to organizations that need immediate improvements with minimal IT requirements. For a nominal setup and monthly fee ESF provides best of class functions and supports cGMP and regulatory compliance addressing these functional areas:

> Bill of Material Maintenance

> Manufacturing Scheduling

> Material Procurement

> Lot tracking

> Warehousing

> Finished Goods Sampling

> Job quoting.

> Quality Control

> Material availability

> Records the arrival of material into the facility and generates the required labels.

> Calculates the jobs that can be run in a facility based on known bill of materials and available inventory.

> Identifies materials that need to be retested prior to shop floor order’s execution.

> The schedule system will identify jobs that are affected by inventory changes.

> Locates material manually or by using RF Scanners.

> Generates cycle count reports and bar-coded labels.

> Produces daily production schedules.

> Displays the lines that are currently scheduled and orders being run on them.

> Tracks resource time and labor used on a particular production order.

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Vision Systems

Current work is inspections systems for blister pack equipment verifying all cells are filled and filled with good product that is all the same. Lot / batch code verification..