Programmable controls

Elemco can procure and program all models of industry standard controls. In addition, we will integrate controls over your network using standard protocols, which allow for enterprise level interaction and synchronization with many software suites. We work closely with leaders in the industry, such as Allen Bradley and Rockwell, in order stay abreast of the latest advances in technology.

CIP Controls

Elemco programs automated Clean-in-Place (CIP) controls in many of our customers encompassing the Cosmetic, Dairy and Pharmaceutical industries. CIP has become the standard method for high frequency equipment cleaning. Its ROI is based on less labor cost and less chemical exposure risk to people.

Real Time Monitoring

By integrating with your equipment Elemco is able to provide real time monitoring and provide proactive notifications based on any measurable criteria (speed, temperature, pressure, counts, etc) allowing employees to work on more important aspects of your business than just watching equipment run for 24 hrs. every day.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

Combining strategically placed controls and software algorithms tuned for your company’s standards, Elemco can determine the overall efficiency of a particular resource for a specified period of time. Aspects considered include total run time, cycle speed, product specific anomalies and “acceptable” stoppages. Data is also able to be displayed on screens or personal tablets for real time monitoring

Can Handler controls

Elemco works with recycling firms to install specially tuned controls and software monitoring to ensure customers are properly reimbursed for the number of items sent in for recycling. System provided can be a stand-alone and the reports generated used as the system of record allowing the user to maintain customer accounts, quantity per unit and cost per unit. Our software also interacts with the corporate system passing the day's result to the corporate systems.